Monday Jan 12,2015

Happy Birthday Rootbeer


Happy Birthday Doug and Rootbeer  

6 sets of 5 FS with a 2 second pause. Work up to 5 rep max. (15 min)

Thruster Efficiency

5 Rounds
5 Thrusters (135/95)
10 Pull Ups
15 Push Ups
100m Run

100% 0%
1st14:34 becca Mon,Jan 12,2015
2nd17:37 Lauren W Mon,Jan 12,2015
3rd13:15Shameca Mon,Jan 12,2015
1st9:22 Joseph E Mon,Jan 12,2015
2nd11:52 Michael W Mon,Jan 12,2015
3rd13:00 Alden Mon,Jan 12,2015

Alison14:21  85#, ring rows
Michael W11:52 Rx
channon11:44 Rx
Joseph E9:22 Rx
Doug13:33  95 lbs
Cassy14:30  d1 ring rows
Alden13:00 Rx
becca14:34 Rx 125# fs
Joseph Ce8:57 Rx Burner!
Scott16:20  d1 95#
Lauren W17:37 Rx
Ryan R20:30  95#
Paul F17:36 Rx
Laurie-pat16:35 Rx
Christina F17:01  @75#, rr
Patrick M18:00  95#, bpu
Josynthia18:55  75 lb, ringrows
ed n17:36 Rx
Kyndal17:35  65# thrusters, banded pu's
Carla16:55  95#, ring rows with feet on a box
Annie15:32  65#, rr
Teresa m20:00  rings
Ricardo O18:00 Rx
Kym14:12  75#, bb p/u
Shameca13:15  d1 band strict PU
Rey F18:23  95 lbs thruster
Davan16:52  65lb thruster
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