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Fri, Nov 16 2018

Happy Birthday Jen S


20min. of Back Squatting:
Start at 135/95 and do a set of 5. Add any amount of weight you want (depending on your 1RM, you should know what to add) and keep completing sets of 5. So… 5 reps, add weight, 5 reps, add weight, and so on… Rest as needed, but make it as short as possible. You may NOT put the bar back on the rack unless all 5 have been completed.

Rest 5 min  

5 sets
20 Back Rack Reveres Lunges @135/95 (10 per leg)
Off a deficit (45 lb Plate)
*.45 sec wall sit* (35/26 kb)
These wall sits are AWESOMELY AWFUL

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