About Us

CrossFit Covert was founded in March, 2013.  We offer several one hour fitness classes throughout the day, many with complimentary babysitting, starting as early as 5:00am and ending as late as 8:30pm.  We have clients as young as 15 year old and as old as 68.   We have a full staff of certified trainers that are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but also actively pursue their own fitness goals here at our facility.  

Memberships include semi-private personal training, nutrition counseling and more, with the goal to assist you and your family in meeting their individual fitness goals.  

While many people feel they have to get in shape before they start CrossFit, this is far from true. CrossFit bodies come in all shapes, sizes and physical abilities.  All our workouts can be scaled to an individual’s physical needs. We have clients from all walks of life, with different physical abilities. Everyone is treated equally from the office worker stuck at a desk all day, to the stay at home mom, right up to the elite athlete.  We foster a friendly, encouraging environment for each and every one of our clients , which is one of the reasons we have been so successful.  We are a true CrossFit Family.

1091 7th Street, Suite C
Calimesa, CA 92320 (view larger map)